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Site Selection and Acquisition

For charter schools, site selection is critical.  Choosing and acquiring a site that is convenient for students and families can be the most difficult aspect of establishing a new school.  In fact, it is the primary reason many schools delay opening or are prevented from opening entirely.  This is not the case for our clients.  Finding and acquiring the perfect site for your school are essential services that we provide.


Choosing and acquiring the correct site can make or break a charter school development project.  Let us help you find the ideal site for your new charter school or expansion.

Since time frames for opening are often short, we coordinate with local development partners that can efficiently navigate the local permitting process.  This hands-on attention to all aspects of development ensures that our schools meet the strict deadlines and budgetary restrictions common to charter schools.

Site Selection Process

After a needs assessment is conducted, we determine the site selection criteria, and begin identifying site locations.

Site Selection Factors (Initial Considerations):

  • Location (community, traffic levels, student demographic, convenience for students/staff, etc.)
  • Site (zoning/permitting, utilities access, space for parking, etc.)
  • Structural Considerations for new build/ renovation (curriculum needs, size for projected student enrollment, ADA compliant, conditions of existing structure, reconfiguration concerns, etc.)

Site Acquisition Process

Our team can manage the site selection and acquisition process for newly constructed as well as renovated facilities.  This includes managing costs, legal requirements, permitting, zoning issues, and time restrictions.

Not only do we find viable sites (and alternatives), we can handle negotiating the acquisition of the chosen site, determining financing terms and options, the designing/planning phase, pre-construction, managing the construction process, and overseeing the development of your charter school.  Our team has the experience to handle all aspects of site selection, development, and financing.

Need help finding the perfect site for your school?