Facility Development Services

School boards need a development partner that understands the needs and budgets that are specific to education.  We identify the most cost-effective approach, whether it’s renovating existing structures, or building structures from the ground up.  We can manage all aspects of the development process, from the initial planning stages, through construction management, until the first student walks through the doors.


Our team of charter school development professionals delivers state-of-the-art turnkey facility solutions.

We realize that maximizing flexibility in design and cost are essential to the success of schools.  By combining your vision and our experience, we are able to help a school make every space count and to fully optimize the utilization of that space for the needs of that particular student body.

Vision and Design

What is your strategic vision for the school?  The building plan design needs to reflect the school’s specific teaching style and curriculum focus.  Charter schools are often successful because they offer unique teaching methods or curricula that do not conform to traditional classroom configurations.

Our hands-on approach is what sets us apart.  We have built relationships with financing partners, engineers, architects, and builders who have a history of building educational facilities that fit schools of different sizes, budgets, and teaching styles.  We can match your vision with the resources and team that will streamline the development process.

Development and Project Management

Our team can offer its expertise at any stage of the development process.  From the initial vision to final stages of construction.  We have real estate, construction, and development experience spanning decades.  Furthermore, our personal, client-centered approach does not just apply to our clients, we have developed trusted partnerships with builders, contractors, real estate teams, and others essential to the development of high-quality educational facilities.

Discuss your development challenges with our team.