Athenian Site Design (1)

Athenian Academy Charter School

Athenian Academy Charter School started in Clearwater, Florida, as the nation’s only Greek immersion charter school, and it has evolved into a dual foreign language charter school with an emphasis on Greek and Spanish language instruction.  This designated “high-performer” has grown from its original 50 students to over 500, and now it is expanding again, by way of a new campus in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Legacy Funding Services partnered with this high-performing school to provide financial services and assist with securing the loan to purchase the land and build the new Ft. Myers campus.  The campus will also house a Pre-Kindergarten operation to support school retention and growth.  Our team also supported the successful replication of this exceptional charter school by offering value engineering and development consulting services for this project.


Project details

Client name:
Athenian Academy Charter School
Ft. Myers, FL
Surface Area:
45,000 sq ft (9.5 acre campus)
2020 Delivery Date
560+ students
K-8th Grades