Burns Science and Technology Charter School


Burns Science and Technology Charter School

Burns Sci-Tech is a Five Star School located in Volusia County, Florida.  This STEAM-based charter school with a focus on health and wellness has received an “A” rating for four years in a row.  Burns Sci-Tech had been forced to consistently turn away hundreds of potential students each year due to space limitations; in fact, the school had a 400+ child waiting list for its most recent school year.

Legacy Funding Services partnered with this high-performing school to provide financial services and assist with securing the loan for a campus expansion that would accommodate the anticipated growth.  The school needed more classrooms and a new gymnasium to accommodate the students that they weren’t able to serve due to the facilities constraints.  The Legacy Team consulted with the school leadership every step of the way, and we are excited to see this long-held vision being realized in a way that will benefit the entire community.

Project details

Client name:
Burns Science and Technology Charter School
Oak Hill, FL
Surface Area:
29,767 sq ft (two buildings housing gymnasium, classrooms, etc.)
Groundbreaking January 2019
K-8th Grades