Franklin School of Innovation

The Franklin School of Innovation uses challenging academics, real-world learning, and community engagement, to help students discover their potential, develop persistence, and recognize the value of others.  This Asheville charter school hosted a student-led groundbreaking in September of 2018 to initiate the next chapter of this dynamic school’s history.

Franklin’s new campus is designed to hold a 78,000 square foot building with much-needed space for classrooms, a gymnasium, common areas, and a multipurpose room for the increasing influx of students.

Legacy Funding Services was excited to partner with this high-performing school to provide financial services and assist with securing the loan for the brand new campus.

Project details

Client name:
Franklin School of Innovation
Asheville, NC
Surface Area:
78,000 sq ft
Groundbreaking September 2018
5th - 12th grades
ARCA Designs