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We match charter school leaders and boards with solutions that meet their unique needs. Whether you are in the initial planning stages, or ready to expand after a few successful years, we have the financing and development options to meet you every step of the way.

Legacy Funding Services offers an extensive portfolio of options for financing a new facility, expanding or upgrading an existing facility, as well as for managing the financial obligations that are part and parcel of these activities.  A unique feature of our firm is that we also offer in-depth development, design, planning, and management support.

In addition to low cost capital, schools need a development partner that understands the specific needs and budgets of schools.  We have a team of experienced construction and real estate professionals who can provide site selection services, development solutions, and facilities layout planning.  Our team can go beyond these services to meet every other development need, from providing contractors to budget oversight, to ensure that you have a turnkey facility that exceeds your expectations.


Money is not the only solution, but it is a key ingredient for successful schools. In an era of tight government budgets, our job is to help schools raise low cost capital to build and grow their facilities, refinance debt to lower costs, and secure initial operating capital if needed.

We can provide long-term leasing options, as well as 100% financing for new facilities or facilities expansions.  We can also work with unique streams of funding (e.g., tax exempt options).  We enable access to unique real estate and facility funding options that ensure your dollars are well spent and will provide the highest educational payoff.

Legacy Funding Services works with boards and directors to identify the specific needs of the school.  Whether it’s a startup negotiating a lease and building its first campus, or an established school with a need to expand or upgrade its current facilities.  Our team works to identify short-term and long-terms goals for the school in order to provide a high-quality, turnkey facility that fits within the projected budget.  

We work with lenders, investors, the tax-exempt market, and our own internal capital to provide the funding necessary to achieve the school’s goals.  We provide financing options to schools at all stages.  

School boards need a development partner that understands the needs and budgets that are specific to education.  We identify the most cost-effective approach, whether it’s renovating existing structures, or building structures from the ground up.  We realize that maximizing flexibility in design and cost are essential to the success of schools.  Through our insight and innovation, we are able to help a school make every space count and to fully optimize the utilization of that space.

The building plan also needs to reflect the school’s specific teaching style and curriculum focus.  Charter schools are often successful because they offer unique teaching methods or curricula that do not conform to traditional classroom configurations.  We work with engineers, architects, and builders who have a history of building educational facilities that fit schools of different sizes, budgets, and teaching styles.

With charter schools, site selection is critical.  Choosing and acquiring a site that is convenient for students and families can be the most difficult aspect of establishing a new school.  In fact, it is the primary reason many schools delay opening or are prevented from opening entirely.  This is not the case for our clients.  Finding and acquiring the perfect site for your school are essential services that we provide.

Since time frames for opening are often short, we coordinate with local development partners that can efficiently navigate the local permitting process.  This hands-on attention to all aspects of development ensures that our schools meet the strict deadlines and budgetary restrictions common to charter schools.

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